An Observatory for Sport in Scotland ( OSS ) Following the Seminar- Taking things onwards to set up an OSS Shadow Board


A Short Life Working Group (SLWG) of volunteers has been established. It held its first meeting on 28th January 2016. The membership of the SLWG comprises individuals with a wide range of experience and skills. Each Member of the SLWG expressed an interest in joining the SLWG to try to take things forward over the next 6 months.

The aspiration of the SLWG is to set up a well structured, independent and principled Observatory for Sport in Scotland ( OSS).

The SLWG will attempt:

  1. to form a Shadow Board for OSS
  2. to identify and appoint a Chair of the Shadow Board
  3. to agree the Proposal for OSS; the OSS Business Case; and the Business Model – with charitable Status
  4. to set in place the initial seed corn funding, and potential pro- bono support- required to initiate the establishment of OSS

It is hoped to make the process of establishing OSS as transparent as is possible. In the process will initially include updates on this website – but eventually to set up an OSS website.

The SLWG is aware and welcomes the interest and potential support of many individuals and organisations in Scotland. It is hoped to establish a Stakeholders/ Members Forum to facilitate a more discussion on OSS policies and practices.




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