Part 1 of this series focused on how a period of reflection might pave the way for us to better look after each other. In Part 2 I considered Sport and Community Health and Well-being, as part of an agenda for the development of Scottish Civic Society – in line with most Northern European countries. Part […]

Part 1 of this series focused on how a period of reflection might pave the way for us to better look after each other. In Part 2 I considered Sport and Community Health and Well-being, as part of an agenda for the development of Scottish Civic Society – in line with most Northern European countries. Sport […]

In Part 1 of this series I started to share thoughts with you all on how this strange period of reflection might pave the way for us to better look after each other. This is the second in a series of articles designed to widen the discussion and debate (see the first on this website). We […]

This sign in the window of an art gallery in Edinburgh stopped me momentarily in a quiet walk around town during the COVID crisis. The first thought was ‘Will it? Will we?’; and since then my mind has been consumed with how we draw on this period of reflection to ensure that we might, actually […]

A Short Life Working Group (SLWG) of volunteers has been established. It held its first meeting on 28th January 2016. The membership of the SLWG comprises individuals with a wide range of experience and skills. Each Member of the SLWG expressed an interest in joining the SLWG to try to take things forward over the next […]

When I was planning my travel arrangements to the meeting in Cyprus, I realised that I could not fly direct from Edinburgh to Cyprus. But I could fly direct to Athens from Edinburgh. So I arranged to stay in Athens for two nights. This afforded me the opportunity to enjoy wandering under clear blue skies […]

*Disclaimer – As ever, following my attendance at an ISF meeting, I am writing my own personal recollection of the meeting. The post is not an official report. The minutes will be published in a month or two. I am very pleased to include in this post, a copy of the account of the meeting […]

The day arrived – a lovely sunny autumn day in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was very pleased that we had attracted a goodly number of delegates – in fact 71 on the day, plus another 12 from the SCDI (The Scottish Council for Development and Industry) our hosts , our speakers and sponsors. The […]

Considering the establishment of an Observatory for Sport in Scotland Scotland celebrated a fantastic year of sport in 2014, hosting the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup, which have helped to raise both profile and enthusiasm for sporting activity across the country.  A participative and active society – not only at elite level, but importantly across all […]

I am doing a wee bit of travelling just now – sailing this week and then two weeks in China observing the ISF World Schools Athletics Cup in Wuhan. So it is timely to give readers a wee update on the proposal. Having developed the draft proposal with the help of several individuals, I am currently […]


– supporting the Scottish sport stakeholders and networks – a project proposal for funding through robust research, indexing of participation, and resultant opportunities For me this is the most important post of mine to date. Very keen to get feedback from readers and followers asap. Of course, aspiring to enlist the support financial and “in […]


There and Back Again – Edinburgh to Doha I was able to enjoy my weekly Sunday morning walk on the Pentland Hills (immediately to the south of Edinburgh); before heading out on the new tram to Edinburgh airport to join the direct 7 hour flight to Doha with Qatar Airways. After a comfortable flight, I […]

In late October 2014 I had the privilege of attending the ISF Executive Meeting in Rome, Italy. The Holiday I had the double privilege of being able to arrive a few days prior to the meeting to take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Eternal City.The sun was shining brightly for almost […]

The Scottish Parliament

I am prompted to write by the number of events , and press releases  concerning the competitive sport success of 2014. Whilst agreeing that Scotland did enjoy considerable success at elite /performance sport levels – this clearly came at a price, and in my view is not reflected in Scottish community or in extracurricular school […]

Introduction This paper is written to aid discussion about the self management of sports facilities by “the community”. It is written at a time of unprecedented increase in sports facility hire charges. Often brought about by the fiscal challenges being faced by the country and in particular by the owners of most sports facilities in […]

This “post” is a personal report of my recent attendance at the International School Sport Federation (ISF) General Assembly. The official minutes of the meeting will become available in the coming months. I had been looking forward to my to Besançon in the Franche Comte region of France for sometime. The occasion was the biannual General […]

The Scottish Parliament

On December the 9th 2013 the Scottish Government launched its consultation paper looking for comments and suggestion on the future of youth sport in Scotland. You can find the consultation paper here: The paper asks for comment on fifteen questions, my responses are below: CONSULTATION QUESTIONS Vision  The draft Strategy sets the following vision: […]

Charlie on Tour I have been very fortunate to be a member of the ISF (International School Sport Federation) during this past 18 months. Not least because the executive has had it’s meetings in such fascinating, beguiling, and interesting places. Think of it – Guatemala, Turkey, Israel and most recently Brazil have all hosted meetings […]

I was very fortunate to have a wee tour of some of the Brasilian cities  ( Sao Paulo, Florianoplis, Rio de Janerio, Salvador and then  attending both the ISF Gymnasiade and the ISF Executive meeting in Brasilia. Here are some of my photos.

The Scottish Parliament

My response to the Scottish Working Group on Sport, who have made a Call for Evidence to consider the future of sport in Scotland in the event of Scotland becoming an independent country. The Working Group is chaired by former First Minister Henry McLeish. Q1. What action would you consider necessary to ensure independent Scotland can […]


As a retired local authority sports manager,  I recall that I have always welcomed the annual review of charges for sports facilities published by sportscotland. Largely because it helped us benchmark our charges against our neighbouring local councils. These days most of these charges are set by the Leisure Trusts who are managing the sports […]


Forward In July 1975 I went to Denmark for the first time, to participate as a leader and a coach in the Aalborg Youth Games. What I experienced then – really started me thinking about how we in Scotland approach sport. I have been to Denmark many times and am proud to have many Danish […] Impressive cohesion between so many of the outdoor sports and activity stakeholders!

Belarusian President Lukashenko’s police has arrested several high-profile athletes for peaceful protests against the president’s re-election in August. The athletes turn to the IOC for help because Lukashenko is also president of the National Olympic Committee. But will the IOC break its long-lasting loyalty to ‘Europe’s last dictator’? — Read on

The Games were staged for the second time – 12 months on from the first Games. Organising committee from the Ministry of Education in Greece provided a varied and memorable programme for all participants. Central to the games are the Ancient facilities with such historic significance to world sport. 73 students from 10 delegation and […]