Spotlight is switched on again!


It has been a rather unusual year for me, with three “health events” affecting my life. But the good news for me is that I am well – and indeed feeling very good again! Indeed the prognosis of my doctors is that I should be able to do everything I have always done!

These health events have of course been a major cause of my not producing any blogs recently. But just as significant is my own complacency. But after more contemplation than usual, I am determined to write a number of posts. My hope is to challenge some of the PR stories that come out so often, indicating all is “right with the worlds” of school and community sport. My real hope is that any articles I might write contribute to ongoing debates and discussions about what is best for sport in schools and in the community.

I have been able to travel quite a bit this year, albeit usually short trips. These journeys have included- the International School Sport Federation (ISF) meeting in Israel. The next one, by the way is in Brazil in November/December; the FINA World Swimming Championships in Barcelona; and a week of seeing friends and enjoying music in Denmark.


I am also hoping that, if my abstract were accepted, I would give a short paper at the Play the Game conference in Arhus, Denmark in October.

My swimming club, Edinburgh’s Warrender, celebrates its 125 birthday this year. The first 100 years of the clubs history was published 25 years ago – edited by Jamie Gilmour. This history is currently being updated to include the past 25 years – this time being edited by Ian Wright.

I am trying to help the club by establishing a Warrender Association for all of us who may have been part of this famous club. Not least to support a number of social events which bring people together once in a while.

I am also helping to stage an inter- decade relay event – which we hope will include not only many of the clubs Olympians and internationalists, but also many others who may have represented the club in the past. The decades, we hope, that may participate go right back to the 50’s. But also include today’s elite swimmers – who are making the club so proud at the moment.

Anyway – enough about me. Lets get on and try to support school and community sport.

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