Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee Inquiry into Support for Community Sport

In July 2012 the Health and Sport Committee launched its Inquiry into Support for Community Sport. The Inquiry follows an Inquiry into Pathways into Sport undertaken by the Committee in 2009. Please see the Remit of the Inquiry


The Health and Sport Committee launched an inquiry on the topic of support for community sport on 2 July 2012.

The inquiry will address the following themes—

  • The contribution of people – focusing on the role of volunteers – and looking at how to ensure they have the opportunities and support necessary to best contribute to sport at a local level
  • The benefit of local sports clubs both to (i) the preventative health agenda and (ii) their communities;
  • The importance of places for sport, in terms of availability, accessibility,  affordability, and the quality of facilities.

The Committee is taking Oral and Written Evidence is currently being considered – and hopes to publish its Report in December 2012.

I have written my own submission at the outset of the Inquiry   and  indeed shorter papers of Supplementary Evidence as the Inquiry has progressed. These papers can be viewed on this website, but of course can also be viewed on the Committee website along with all the other written submissions and Committee papers when these are not marked private. I also gave oral evidence on 4 October- this and all the public meetings of the Committee can be viewed on Holyrood TV.

At this stage of the Inquiry, I am worried that the Committee has heard much about Physical activity and Health, about Social Enterprises that attract funding to deliver projects to the “hard to reach” , but maybe not enough from those more directly involved with community sport.
I will make further posts as the Inquiry progresses and label the posts as Inquiry 1, Inquiry 2 and so on. I would welcome and read all comments comments – and try to reply where possible.

Further reading?

The Health and Sport Committee website can be found here:

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